8 for Eights - David James

8 for Eights - David James


We caught up with the incredibly talented World's coach David James owner of Outlaws Allstars, Melbourne. We talked about World's team prep, his own World's experience, goals for 2019 with Notorious and why he is all about #LTNLTL! Here are David's 8 questions for Eights! 


David James - Outlaws Allstars 


1. Congratulations on receiving the full paid World's bid - I bet you guys are pumped! What got you into coaching cheerleading and how long have you been coaching for?


Words can not describe how good it felt to receive this bid as it was our goal from the start of the year and we knew it was going to be a MASSIVE push to prove ourselves to AASCF and even though we didn't have our best run at nationals it was good to see all the hard work paid off.

I have been coaching now for 10 years roughly but seriously coaching for around 8 years as the other 2 where just like fun/hobby and I didn't take my role very seriously.

I got into coaching because my Step mum Rosemary owned Outlaws before I did and she got me into it.





2. You have been prepping for World's - tell us about your team's routine in and out of the gym and how it differs to National's prep (physical and mental team prep)?

So our world prep has been a bit rough this year as people leaving last minute and we had to change the routine so many times as now I think we are up to routine 4.

Along with changing the routine so many times we are also dealing with around 6 people injured who cant fully tumble yet so we are just trying to maintain and push their mental strength as best we can.

Nationals prep is easy as we have the routine and fitness so everyone is happy and confident but with worlds since you start the routine off in Mid Jan (for us because of people leaving). We still haven't finished the routine so everyone is doubting themselves and if they can do the routine. So its a hard line between push really hard and try to make sure they are still feeling confident.


Outlaws Allstars - Notorious


3. Favourite stunt / jump / tumble pass?

Anything with good tech really.

I appreciate how people can put effort into a double or a walkover and if its perfect tech I respect and enjoy the skill just as much. Level doesn't matter!


4. How do you go about choosing your World's athletes and what do you look for when putting your teams together?


If they can afford it - LOL! Also skill


5. Who do you think is your biggest competition on the World's Mat?

005 for sure as they are insane


6. In 2014(?), your Fugitives placed 4th (?) at Worlds - well done. I remember #A2FBT3 was used as motivation. What’s your goal this year?

OMG I forgot about that # LOL This year our goal is to hit two HARD ZEROS on the worlds floor and see how we progress on the day because it all comes down to 2:30 minutes on the day


7. You've taken out a second at World's and Chantelle (your wife / Outlaws co-owner) has taken out a first - that must be amazing inspiration for your teams and the club. How do you think Australia stacks up against other countries in the world in terms of competition?

To tell the truth I don’t think our club or even staff know or remember that we have come second and my wonderful wife WON WORLDS.

To tell you the truth we also sometimes forget that we have done so well because we are so focused on our athletes.

I would say Australia would be maybe top 3 in the world as a country for cheer across the level 1-7.

We have such a strong foundation that it is really starting to pay off as we move to the higher levels and we as a country are starting to win more times overseas.

Imagine if we could take our BEST teams to the comps and not just the teams that can afford it. It would be amazing!!!


8. What advice would you give someone hoping to make a World's team (or tips for up and coming cheerleaders)?


Mindset and goals!

Worlds isn't going anywhere so don't rush and push your self to early. You need to make sure you have the skills but you are also mentally ready and you can bring your 100% to the team when its your time to shine at worlds.


David James - NCA

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