Eight for EIGHTS - Dannii

Eight for EIGHTS - Dannii


Our next 8 for Eights interview is with the Dannii Barnes from ECA Sydney. Dannii has been cheering for 12 years and started off with NRG Allstars Illawarra. From Wollongong to USA - Dannii is ready to take on Worlds in April 2019! Dannii has answered some World's related questions for us at Eights! Here are her 8 questions for Eights! 


Dannii Barnes - 8 for Eights

1. What got you into cheerleading and how long have you been cheering for?

My Mum put me into cheer as soon as NRG (NRG Studios Illawarra) first opened, I loved it and have stuck with it ever since. This is my 14th year cheering. :)


2. You have been prepping for World's - tell us about your routine in and out of the gym and how it differs to National's prep.

My routine is fairly similar to what it was before nationals.

I still do the same things at home - stretch at least once a day and practice pulling my lines.

I train Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesdays for my regular teams and then alternate between Friday nights and Sunday mornings for worlds.

I do some strength and conditioning on the days I don’t have training and usually try to go into the gym on a Thursday to do some extra tumbling practice.


3. Favourite stunt / jump / tumble pass? 

My favourite stunt is either an inversion or a one and a half up to a scorpion/scale.

I absolutely love toe touches and my favourite tumbling row is a front handspring front tuck through to layout but my goal for this year is to finish in a full.


4. Favourite team (Australian and Overseas)?

In Australia the teams I’m on are my favourite. They are ECA Eagles, Phoenix and Vultures.

I also love watching Outlaws and of course everyone from NRG!

Overseas my favourite coed teams are TGLC and OO5.

My favourite all girl teams are Great Whites and SSX. (I couldn’t choose just one haha).


5. Who do you think is your biggest competition on the World's Mat?

There are so many amazing teams but I think our biggest competitor is ourselves. We can only control the routine we put out on the floor and as long as we do our best it doesn’t matter what anyone else does.


6. My World's Goal is to....

Hit zero, have fun and come off the floor knowing I did my best with my team.


7. Most insane thing I have ever seen (or done) in cheerleading?

I would say watching level 6 baskets and pyramids, they always amaze me especially Team USA. Also the beginning of Team Canada’s pyramid in 2016 when the flyers were thrown across two mats.


8. What advice would you give someone hoping to make a Worlds team (or tips for up and coming cheerleaders)?

My advice would be to follow your dreams and don’t stop until you get there. Trust the process, set yourself goals to work towards, work hard but still have fun and never give up!



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