Emilia is a 9 year old cheerleader from the Gold Coast in Australia. She is cheering with ZACS Allstars in Burleigh Heads, and has been cheering with them since 2016. She is currently on Youth level 2 Twilight's, Junior Level 3 Super Sonic's and Junior level 2 stunt group Infinity. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about her, her cheer life and her 8 for Eights!


1. What got you into cheerleading?

I wanted to do gymnastics and dance. Cheer seemed to cover both.

2. How would you describe your style (tumbling / dancing / basing / flying)?

I am a tumbler in Youth 2 and a flyer in Junior 3. I love running tumble, but I also get so excited when I learn something new when I am flying.

3. All-time favourite cheer team and why (can be one you have been in or your dream team)?

My dream team would be anything Cali (California Allstars) - they are awesome and the blue would suit me.

I have to say the level 5 teams are Zac's Allstars are amazing. Last year they were the first Junior level 5 team in Australia and are now competing at a Senior R level. It just shows that you really can do anything with hard work.

4. Who are your idols and why do you look up to them?

I look up to a few people.

At Zac's it's Liv and Summer. Both work so hard and are so sweet to everyone.

Fellow Eights team member Rebekah, she is so skilled and pushes herself until she is better than the skill. AMAZING!

5. In your eyes, who has the best cheer account on Instagram?

There are a so many that I follow, I love watching Charlize (the insane tumbler) and Liv's crazy tumbling skills.

6. What motivates you to keep cheering?

Being part of a team.

It's like having a big family and we share the season together, all the ups and the downs.

7. Current skill you are working on?

Improving my confidence in flying and my RO Full.

8. Biggest comp that you have been in your career, the highlights and did you place?

Pinnacle in 2017 with my Junior 2 team.

It was such a great experience to be competing against the best of the best in Australia.

We didn't place - but what a way to finish my second season of cheer.

We were winners just to get there.

I got all my team mates friendship bracelets to remember how far we'd come and that we were doing it together.

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