Emily is a 17 year old cheerleader from the Australian Capital Territory in Australia. She is cheers on her High School Level 2 team 'Sapphires' and coaches a Scholastic Mini 1 and Mini Pom team ' Mini Stars'. She is also one of the editors of CheerKids Magazine! We caught up with her to find out a bit more about her, her cheer life and her 8 for Eights! 

Emily Mary Needle 

1. What got you into cheerleading?

I started cheerleading 2011 after watching a video of Gabi Butler stunting! I became in love with the sport and finally convinced Mum to let me try it!

2. How would you describe your style (tumbling / dancing / basing / flying)?

I definitely would say that I'm a stunter, I love getting to base and back spot especially! I love the feeling of controlling the stunt, but also the fact that your flyer trusts you with their life is also an amazing feeling!!

3. All-time favourite cheer team and why (can be one you have been in or your dream team)?

My favourite cheer teams from Australia are Oxygen All Stars Immortal and Outlaws Kelly Girls! I remember seeing Kelly Girls competing at one of my first nationals and I was AMAZED! Immortal are such an incredible team and I loved getting to see them achieve so much last season!!

4. Who are your idols and why do you look up to them?

I look up to heaps of athletes for their hard work and dedication to the sport! As I am a back spot, I love Jaiden Cruise from SMOED as she works so hard to protect her flyer and is very dedicated to her team!

5. In your eyes, who has the best cheer account on Instagram?

I think every cheer account on Instagram is amazing in their own way, as long as they are spreading a positive message I love them!!

6. What motivates you to keep cheering?

The little kids I coach motivate me every day, they all work hard to be better and they push me to continue to better myself not only as an athlete but a coach!

Also all the talented kids I have gotten to meet through working with @cheerkidsmag, whether I have interviewed them or just had them message us about what they are achieving, they all help me strive to be a better person and athlete!!

7. Current skill you are working on?

Currently, due to injury I am working on rebuilding strength and confidence when doing skills!!

8. Biggest comp that you have been in your career, the highlights and did you place?

I think the biggest competition for me was my first year at Scholastic Nationals which was in 2015! Personally I won individual scorpion which was a big moment for me as I had worked really hard on my flexibility that season, but also my team had a bad routine on the day despite a strong season so I learnt that anything can happen but the memories are the things you will cherish! I also loved Nationals last year as my team finally reached what we had been working towards since 2015 and got our national champion jackets!!


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