Eight for EIGHTS - Hudson

Eight for EIGHTS - Hudson

Our next 8 for Eights is with the talented, humble and passionate Hudson Williams! From Bring it On to tackling Worlds in April - Hudson gives us the down low on his hints, tips, tricks and music taste! Here is Hudson's 8 questions for Eights! 


Hudson Williams - 8 for Eights


1. What got you into cheerleading and how long have you been cheering for?

I first saw Bring it on back when it first came out in 2000, and immediately fell in love! I’ve watched every one of the Bring it on movies hundreds of times, and have fallen more and more in love with the sport as the years have gone by! This will be my 4th year cheering, super duper keen!

2.  What is a day in the life of you like?

Ooh this is a good one!

An “average” day for me would be to wake up, go on Instagram and YouTube to catch up on any cheer stuff I missed while sleeping, I then get up and have a shower before work while blasting some cheer music. I then go to work, finish, come home (while listening to some more cheer music 😂) then have a nap before training. Then I wake up, head to training (while listening to... yep, you guessed it! Cheer music 😂😍🙏) where I then train hard! I usually then stay back to work on tumbling a little more aswell as try new passes out, then head home and sleep!


3. What motivates you to keep cheering?

A big part of it would be for the people who follow and support me. Most of my followers are going through hardships of their own and don’t have the drive to pursue their dreams or to push themselves. I give back the love and support that y’all give me and I very much appreciate every single one of you ❤️ There are days where I want to give up, but that’s not the example I want to give to the younger generations of athletes, so I keep pushing 🙏


4. You have killer skills, what is your method for nailing tumble passes and learning new moves?

My method for that would be to drill skills until they stick, a huge thing for me is technique and execution. I spend a lot of time making sure my tumbling is executed well so that every new skill I learn is much easier and quicker to learn, it also helps me to be as consistent as I have been for the few short years of my cheer career.


5. You are stuck on a desert island, you can take 3 cheerleaders. Who are they and what do they bring to the party?

Sophia Jade, Santwon McCray and Gabi Fuller. They’ve got such big personalities and are so kind to everyone they come across. All 3 are hilarious and seem like they genuinely have a good time.


6. Before a big comp, I.... 

Relax, play music, mark out a few routines and keep positivity flowing.


7. Most insane thing I have ever seen (or done) in cheerleading? *

The most insane thing I’ve done was:

Get my double whip double

Get my triple

Fly a Rewind.. PARTNER STUNTED 😍


8. Biggest comp that you have been to in your career, the highlights and did you place? 

The biggest by far would be nationals 2018. Placed 3rd but the atmosphere was incredible 😍 as soon as I hit the floor I heard the entire crowd screaming my name and it gave me that extra drive to whip out some crazy passes as well as slay the floor! Now I’m off to the World Championships in Orlando, Florida in April to take on the worlds floor!



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