Eight for Eights - Michelle Puccio

Eight for Eights - Michelle Puccio

Eights caught up with WORLD CHAMPION and former World Cup Shooting Star Michelle Puccio to talk about World's, what it feels like to cheer on your DREAM TEAM and taking out the crown! Here is Michelle and here is her 8 questions for Eights. 



1. What got you into cheerleading and how long have you been cheering for?

I once saw a cheer team on my tv when I was 4 years old, that cheer team was World Cup Shooting Stars I believe in 1999. Never did I think I would one day be on that team! I cheered for 12 amazing years and have won almost every title in cheerleading which is amazing to me and it makes me so proud.



2. What is your favourite Worlds memory?

My favorite World's memory was in 2015. It was my first time to win the World Championship. We competed on the baseball field that year. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had and it was so great sharing it with my teammates and amazing coaches Elaine Pascale and Joelle Antico.




3. Favourite stunt / jump / tumble pass?

My favorite stunt is probably a nice clean double up.

My personal favorite was doing a kick up needle because it was so funny seeing people’s faces when I would do it, they would ask “do you have a spine!!?!!”


4. Favourite team (Australian and / or Overseas)?

My favorite teams are of course World Cup Shooting Stars for the amazing themes, Top Gun large Coed for their creativity and team Thailand they are just so insane!! Too many to name!


5. Who do you think was your biggest competition on the World's Mat?

All of our competitors were amazing but in 2015 we went back and forth a lot with Cheer Extreme Sr Elite and Stingray Orange.


6. What are you most excited about for World's this year?

I don’t think I can name just 1 thing, there is a lot to be excited for when World's comes around. I do hope to see some underdog teams really show that they can compete with big name gyms.


7. Most insane thing I have ever seen (or done) in cheerleading?

Most insane thing I have seen done in cheerleading (again too many to name) probably a team doing a slow motion illusion in tumbling.


8.What advice would you give someone hoping to make a Worlds team (or tips for up and coming cheerleaders)?

I didn’t make a worlds team until I was a junior in high school and that didn’t discourage me at all because all the other years were great skill learning years and I made amazing memories and friends.

I knew the day I made a World's team would come but I just had to wait for the right timing.

You don’t want to jump Into something if you aren’t ready.

For up and coming cheerleaders I would have to say make sure you don’t take everything so seriously and make sure you are having fun because if you don’t take a step back sometimes and say “it’s just cheerleading” when you have a bad practice or don’t get a skill right away, you will start to over think things.

Just keep telling yourself it’s ok to have a bad practice and it’s ok to not get skills as fast as everyone else, learn at your own pace and enjoy it!




Interviewed by Emily Mary

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