Rebekah or as most of you would know her as R_Bro is an amazingly talented Aussie level 5 cheerleader based in Melbourne. She cheers for Outlaws Allstars - has competed in worlds twice in the last 2 years and placed in the TOP 5 in the WORLD BOTH TIMES! We caught up with Bek to find out a bit more about her - here is her 8 for Eights! 


1. What got you into cheerleading?

I did artistic gymnastics for 8-10 years when I was younger, so cheer kind of just seemed like the right fit once I quit gymnastics. :)

2. How would you describe your style (tumbling / dancing / basing / flying)?

I used to fly, but now I tumble and I base. :) And I love both of them to be honest. This is my first year basing level 5 and I LOVE it so so much!

3. All-time favourite cheer team and why (can be one you have been in or your dream team)?

I would have to say my all time favourite cheer team is TGLC. I love their creativity and how incredible their routines are each year.

4. Who are your idols and why do you look up to them?

I don't have any individual idols in particular. As a team however, I look up to all the athletes on Great Whites. The team is stacked with incredibly talented and humble athletes.

5. In your eyes, who has the best cheer account on Instagram?

Tough question actually, I follow so many cheer accounts. I love mybowsbigger and FloCheer I think. They both post the best photos and videos (and some funny things too of course).

6. What motivates you to keep cheering?

I think my love for the sport and my team keeps me going. Training can really suck sometimes, but I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

I love my team so so much, and seeing them is always the highlight of my week.

I also have SOOO many amazing supporters on Instagram that I will always be thankful for. So THANK YOU everyone, you all don't know how much you keep me motivated and loving what I do.

7. Current skill you are working on?

I am constantly working on my technique in all my tumbling as it has never been my strong point, so I am struggling to hit higher skills.

Ultimately working on doubles and getting my standing full consistent again.

8. Biggest comp that you have been in your career, the highlights and did you place?

The biggest competition I have been in is Worlds.

I placed 5th in 2017 with ECO and placed 4th in 2018 with Kelly Girls.

Every moment of each of these trips was a highlight to be honest. It's an experience that is hard to explain but every moment is one to remember. (...except maybe the 3 crazy days we spent training at CA this year and the amount of pain my body was in, that's a love/hate memory haha).

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