Shelbs or Shelby as most of you would know her as is Australia's cheerleading sweetheart! She is an incredible talent - she can tumble and fly and is recognised around the world for her talents! She cheers for QCE in open all girl level 5 team - Diamonds and has competed at NCA three times in her life. Huge achievements for a teen. We caught up with Shelbs to tell you more about her - here is her 8 for Eights! 


1. What got you into cheerleading?

I saw a cheer group at my brothers school fete when I was 4 and fell in love!

2. How would you describe your style (tumbling / dancing / basing / flying)?

Flyer and tumbler

3. All-time favourite cheer team and why (can be one you have been in or your dream team)?

World Cup Shooting Stars, I love that they have themes. I feel they changed cheer in the way that they made it not just a sport but entertaining, plus I have some amazing friends in the team who constantly inspire me and help me believe I can be there one day!

4. Who are your idols and why do you look up to them?

Lauren Preston because she is not just an amazing athlete but a beautiful person inside and out and always takes the time to tell me when I’m doing amazing and gives me hints on how to be better! I mean I have so many but LP has been a stand out for so many years since she was a twinkle!!!

5. In your eyes, who has the best cheer account on Instagram?

Reagan Lynn Fulton her page is so sassy I love it and I love Milana Paige she inspires me to keep pushing love then both x

6. What motivates you to keep cheering?

I just love it! It’s my passion and my life!

7. Current skill you are working on?

Anything to double and standing fulls (it’s my nemesis I hate them but I’ll get it one day lol).

8. Biggest comp that you have been in your career, the highlights and did you place?

I’ve been to NCA 3 times!

Twice with QCE and once filling in on a team for Cheer Central Suns!

All of them were highlights as NCS is the most amazing competition and for all 3 I places in top 10!

** BONUS QUESTION ** How did you go about joining Cheer Central Suns and being a part of their NCA team? 

Totally lol - I went over to do some tumble training with Sean from Flippin' Amped who is a tumble coach there when I got there one of the teams from Cheer Central Suns had 3 injuries in 2 days. They asked if I’d be happy to fill in. (WHICH I WAS)!!! 

It was for junior 3 spark and I absolutely loved it. 

It was such a hard routine but I learnt it in 4 training sessions. We stayed with Sean the whole time. 

Everyone in Colorado is so friendly and Cheer Central Suns has become one of my favourite places in the whole world.  I love everything about the gym!  

Follow Shelbs on social media to keep up to date on her cheer life and EIGHTS life!




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