Eights offers select training and lifestyle pieces, sourced, hand branded and ready for Cheer, Gym and Swim.
The Eights brand combines classic sweaters, T’s and gym wear for training with bespoke styles for the stadium stands to the streets.
With a commitment to style and value Eights gear is true to cheer and balances the athletic with aesthetic.



We see brands demanding influencers and ambassadors buy the product (even at a discount), or scamming young people into paying to participate in commercial photo shoots. 

Eights does business differently.

*** No brand exclusivity
*** Free products for posts

If we want to work with an ambassador, influencer or model we will hook you up free product, either as a one off, or as part of an ongoing agreement.
No fees to participate or forcing you to buy our stuff as part of an ambassador agreement - just free gear to wear and enjoy in exchange for some posts of you rocking it. We see this as a small way we can support athletes who are training hard to excel, and we hope to be part of the success story of future stars!

Eights crew are cheer parents ourselves and enjoy the fun of our child receiving free gear and making friends online, however we also take online safety and child welfare very seriously. We are business operators with current NSW Working With Children Check and extensive professional experience working with young people. We will not tolerate online bullying, exploitation or unfair business dealings with young people.

Parents monitoring junior social accounts are encouraged to be involved with any Eights offers of free gear or sponsored posts and promotions.

Want to work with us??? Shoot us an email with your media kit to: eightsau@gmail.com